Friday, August 12, 2011

Suggestions For London Travellers As The Riots Take Over

Suggestions For London Travellers As The Riots Take Over It is harrowing that the beautiful city of London is in flames of rioting. But as the riots take over the city’s normal life, it also takes a toll over the travellers’ vacation plans, along several events that were scheduled for the year.

The rioting has caused havoc, with buildings being put on fire, stores being looted and police officers being pelted with stones. It has left the authorities bested for the time being. And till the time the situation gets fully in control, the travellers are suggested to take shelter and avoid stepping out of their rooms.

Till this otherwise hospitable city is hostile to life, travellers planning a vacation in London are suggested to suspend it till things settle down, as the disorder of the city can be a disconcerting experience.

What Is The Situation Like….

London is not all over in flames. The affected areas are mainly the suburb, which are quite away from the tourist areas. So the central London and its major tourist hubs are still safer. U.S and Australia have already asked people to take care of themselves and avoid crowded places. So, if you have been planning to be here for a vacation or a trip, it can just be life threatening, as there are areas which are seething with upsurge.

The police commander Christine Jones said that "The violence we have seen is simply inexcusable. Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery,". Going by the vigilance and dependability of the police force, commoners who do not relate with this uprising, are expecting it to calm down.

Whatever resources the police need, they will get. Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so," "We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order onto our streets." Prime Minister David Cameron assured people from his Downing Street office.

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