Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magnificence and Splendour at Its Best at Palaces near London Hotels

Magnificence And splendour At Its Best At Palaces Near London Hotels
Travellers who come to London are enticed by its beauty and charm. They are enthralled as much by its vibrancy as by its placidity. But this is not all that the city has to offer. London is gifted to add a flavour of magnificence and splendour and give a traveller’s vacation a touch of royalty.
So, read along to find out where to locate the palatial masterpieces.
Kensington Palace
This gorgeous building is better known as the older residence of the blessed Princess Diana. The enormous golden gates lead you to a spectacular location. With one helipad and lush green gardens, the palace is picture perfect. The kitchen garden of The Palace is surrounded by walls on all four sides and once was the prime source of fruits and vegetables for the royal kitchen.
A selection of gowns worn by the beautiful Princess Diana, are at times put on display. If sophistication and class is what the tourists are looking for, then this is the place to be in.
Banqueting House
The only section of the The Palace Of Whitehall that has been left behind is the Banqueting Hall. Built in neo-classical style of architecture, the building is now taken care of by the Historic Royal Palaces charity.
It is used nowadays, for hosting private parties and celebrations, though its open for public viewing as well. Travellers are suggested to get tickets for concerts that take place in the House and enjoy an evening in a classic English style.
The Tower Of London
Built as a fortress, this vast structure is sure to leave the tourists spell bound. The Palace is at the bank of river Thames. The tower consists of three massive components and has been used for various purposes by the Royalty. At one particular time it was also used to store the jewelled crowns. The Palace also has an eerie side to itself. It is believed that the ghosts of the earlier queens still reside in this palatial building.
All these palaces are sure to take back the tourists of London into the golden era and the fairy tale lives of the queens and princesses. Visiting these sites is a sure shot way of ensuring a great holiday!

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